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Here we will try and outline all of the different items we can accomadate within our service. We can do most metal and aluminium products from garden gates and railings to alloy and steel wheels, cast iron fire places and cast iron radiators. Car chassis and body panels and running gear, motor cycle frames, wheels, casings and brackets. agricultural and tractor parts and running gear to car trailer and lorry chassis and trailers. Here is a before and after picture of a cast iron fireplace

This is one of the many services we provide when restoring your home, these cast iron fire,s are finished with the correct matt black fire paint which will withstand 650c.        If you follow this link you will be forwarded to a fireplace supplier and installer www.lochnessfireplaces.com

Here we have a  picture of an alloy wheel. These are taken back to the bare alloy and any marks on the face of the wheel repaired and then recoated either to the standard colour or to one of your choice. This one is a two colour option.

her is another wheel which has a two colour choice